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10,643 Vintage Style Bathroom Photos
Get inspired and get ideals for remodeling your bathroom in vintage style by viewing thousands of actual vintage-style remodeled bathroom photos. With so many photos, you will find numerous examples with different colors—greens, beiges, pinks, yellows, oranges, off-whites— and of course a plethora of different vintage-style fixtures. Many of these photos on are accompanied by comments by readers that sometimes provide insight. The site also provides some related articles, such as 15 Elements of Today's Vintage-Inspired Baths, Your Home: Vintage Color, 10 Vintage Touches for Your Bathroom, and Console Sinks for a Vintage Style Bath.

How to Install Tile on a Bathroom Floor
Step-by-step instructions are provided for installing ceramic floor tile, a fairly easy update you do in the span of a weekend. The article recommends that a classic style, neutral color tyle will last for years, and that ceramic is durable and practical for bathrooms. The DIY guide is broken into four steps: plan the tile layout and cuts; prepare the first batch of adhesive; lay the tiles, and apply the grout. It's important to be sure to purdchase enought tiles for the entire project, accounting for half piece scrap pieces and replacement tiles. You also want to be sure to buy the tiles all at once, because tile from different stock can look different.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips from
If you are planning to remodel your small bathroom, this step-by-step guide at can surely help you. In this idea, the new bathroom will be smaller because of the addition of plumbing walls. However, the brilliant design uses smoke and mirrors that will make it look bigger. Here, you will learn how to install a preassembled glass block window and wall-hung toilet and sink, and how to convert a bathtub with a spacious shower. You can do this small bathroom project alone only if you have some expertise in plumbing, tiling, drywalling, and other related tasks. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional to do it for you.

Historic Bathroom Makeover
Case study about one bathroom that endured a remodel by relocating the hot water cylinder to the roof space, removing all the internal walls. Removing the multiple layers of ceiling. Opening up the back wall and putting in large bi-folding windows that opens up to the stunning view. The window is aluminum joinery and opaque glass. This is facing the most fabulous view of the hills that the owner wanted to capture. This is where the shower now lives. When demolishing the ceiling, it was obvious that numerous renovations had taken place—there were three layers of "new" ceilings. We therefore ended up with a higher ceiling than expected, a nice surprise making the new room more spacious. Photos of the bathroom-remodeling project are included to show the transformation.

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