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Maintaining Your Bicycle Seat and Tires
Maintaining your bicycle, including the bike tires, is vital for triathletes who put wear and tear on their bikes during training and races. Most mechanical problems during an event are the result of poor maintenance and inspection. This website offers a standard maintenance program for your bicycle, which includes inspecting handlebars, checking releases on bicycle wheels, testing bike brakes, inspecting the saddle, inflating tires and more.

Diagnosing and Preventing Chain-Suck in Bikes
This article explores chain-suck, which happens when pedals lock solid and the biker comes to a stop and then falls over the bike. It can be difficult to get rid of, and also damaging to the bike frame and drive-train components. This happens when there is mud of wet grit on the chain and cogs, or when gear changes occur on the front chain rigs. This article delves into the mechanics of chain-suck, with diagrams and more. There are two remedies for this, including ensuring that tooth pressure-faces are suitably shaped to disengage, even if loaded; and to disengage the bottom teeth that are not subjected to chain load as much. Read on for more to improve your biking.

Early Season Errors
Triathlons and duathlons are a relatively young sport. They benefit from the legacy of cycling, distance running and swimming, and the lessons learned from individual sports can help the multisport athlete avoid big problems. Enthusiasm and procrastination are the catalyst for a vicious cycle of early season errors. Every athlete has made some of these opening day goofs, and this article gives practical tips to avoid factors that can ruin a season, such as not covering your legs while biking and not taking care of your bicycle.

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