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Flower Bulbs and Garden Trends
The International Flower Bulb Centre provides information on bulb basics, spring flowering, cut & potted flowers, US bulb regions, bulb history, forcing bulbs, naturalizing, where to buy, landscaping, floral trades and information on the bulb industry. This easy-to-navigate site will take you through everything you need to know about growing your own bulbs.

Master Gardeners of California
This online site provides advice to the California home gardener. If you live in such cities as Napa, Monterey, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara or other California cities, you'll find a variety of information about gardening in your area. Learn about events in your area, garden projects you can complete or publications you can pick up to learn more. The California Master Gardener Handbook is also available through the site.

Flower Gardening Guide
If you enjoy flower gardening or want to get into this area of gardening, then you have come to the right site. Yvonne Cunnington, author of "Clueless in the Garden, a Guide for New Gardeners" has created this site to help you create the best garden ever. Yvonne can help you with shade gardening, flower gardening and offers tips to new gardeners. She is constantly updating the site with new articles and how-to tips on a variety of planting and growing topics. On this site, you can read up on garden design tips, perennials, flowering bulbs, rose gardening, shade gardening, ornamental grasses, wildflower gardens, climbing vines, easy water gardening, garden tools, buying plants online, garden trees and shrubs, garden care tips, and seeds for your garden. As you can see, you'll never get bored by spending time on this site. There is much to learn.

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