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American Camellia Society
The American Camellia Society is a national organization dedicated to fostering appreciation for and knowledge Camellias. Founded in 1945, the Society is headquarted at Massee Lane Gardens near Fort Valley in central Georgia. This official website offers information on how to join the society, in addition to information about camellias. You can learn how to grow and care for camellias; and find out about camellia show dates.

Indoor Plant Grow Light Guide
This page on ACF Greenhouses site is very informative about the options and what's involved in using horticultural lighting systems to extend your growing season by bringing plants indoors or just getting a jump start on seedling ahead of the late frost. It outlines the main types of lighting systems. HID (High Intensity Discharge) is moswt e3fficient, and there are two types: metal halide and high-pressure sodium. Fluorescent grow lights have low output and are energy efficient; the most popular are CFL (compact flurescent grow lights) and T5 tube grow lights. Incandescent lights are the most inexpensive but also the most inefficient and are best used for individual plants. LED grow lights are the newest lighting option, but the site claims it has tested many and found none that can outperform cheaper fluorescent lights of similar voltage. The page provides a useful light output comparison chart and a heat output chart.

Hydroponics: An Overview
When it comes to growing plants without soil, hydroponics is the term that defines it. This website gives an overview of hydroponics, which has followed a natural evolution from farms to greenhouses. The method of hydroponic gardening is a low-maintenance and efficient way to cultivate plants and crops. It involves doing routine checks on pH levels, topping up on water levels, changing nutrients every 7 to12 days and preferably using a timer to automatically turn the garden lights and off.

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