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How to Invest in Real Estate Through Crowdfunding
The digital age has disrupted every major industry including real estate investing. This Crowd Crux article discusses the investment opportunities present in a crowdfunding program. The article takes the reader through a detailed tour of crowdfunding essentials, with some practical guidance to make the journey painless. The practical tips provided for crowdfunding include selecting a good website, starting small, understanding different platforms, connecting with a community of investors, and learning at every step. The learning process can include signing up for crowdfunding newsletter, browsing through industry blogs and forums, and taking advantage of other online resources like webinars, podcasts on this topic.

Hotel Investments Handbook
The Hotel Investment Handbook from HVS International suggests that hotel investments can involve high-risk expenditures and time consuming efforts. Whenever living spaces include such amenities like dining, banquet, pool, gym, and other recreational facilities, the risks become enhanced multiple times. Yet, investors seem to enjoy the association of glamorous hotels with their financial potentials. This Hotel Investments Handbook is targeted to those hospitality sector investors who want to acquire hotels with minimum risks. The handbook addresses the typical concerns facing the hotel owner, the money lender, and the hotel operator. The book will benefit both the new investor and the veteran in the field.

10 Reasons to Invest in Spain's Real Estate Market
Looking for a brand new destination for real estate investment? According to an article published HispaLux Consulting on LinkedIN, Spain seems to be attracting lot of investors from Middle-East. Apart from better prospects of returns, Spain has one upside to investing in its real estate market Ė The Golden Visa rule. The rule is simple, anyone who invests into Spainís real estate market will be issued a Golden Visa that allows the holder and his or her family to travel within the Schengen region without any restrictions. The prices seem to be just right at the moment, the region has strong tourism, strong rental market among locals are just some of the other reasons to invest in Spainís real estate.

10 Lethal Mistakes for Real Estate Investors
This Bankrate article may be referred by both experienced and novice real estate investors in the U.S. because without the right knowledge; even commercial real estate investments can become as risky as stocks or bonds! So, the pearls of wisdom offered here should be assimilated and digested by all real estate investors. The 10 lethal mistakes that a real estate investor can make, have been identified as poor planning, putting monetary gains first, the lone-ranger syndrome, paying too much, avoiding homework, skipping research, misjudging cash flow, lowering volume, lack of backup plans, and miscalculating estimates. Read this article to review the explanations of each mistake.

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