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RemodelingMySpace.com Offers Free Online Renovation and Home Construction Tools
Considering home improvement and construction projects involves a little forethought and a lot of math. Make it easy on yourself and use this site to your advantage—with free tools, including a cost estimator and home value estimator, you can get a real grasp on the true costs of a building project. There's also freebies for architecture and engineering buffs, such as Google 3-D's remodeling software and a bevy of online measurement and conversion tools. Video junkies can get their fix with a big selection of "Do-It-Youself" tutorials. The site also offers up a long list of articles covering just about every home improvement topic, from hiring contractors to legal issues associated with your project.

Find Out How to Build a Heavy-Duty Workbench
Discover the steps involved in building a heavy-duty workbench by visiting this informative site. You can check out a very simple design for a sturdy workbench, including a detailed cutting list, advice about timber, and instructions. Be sure to check out the comments left by other people who have used this plan to build their own heavy-duty workbench.

Head to AskMen.com for Home Renovation Project Tips and Advice
Made just for men, this section of AskMen.com offers great tips on home renovations. Author Dan Carter tackles this subject, giving readers the need-to-know information in regard to what is really a "worthwhile" project. Here you'll find the nitty-gritty when it comes to Return On Investment data for projects such as: new bathroom construction or remodeling, designing and renovating a kitchen, building a family room addition, remodeling a home office, building a garage, basement renovation, adding a pool, upgrading HVAC, and improving your homes exterior with new landscaping.

How to Care for an Outdoor Fire Pit
Once an outdoor fire pit has been constructed, regular maintenance is required to keep it clean. Look to this informative site for detailed instructions for doing so. Visitors will also find helpful tips for choosing the right sealant for the fire pit stones, as well as the reason why the fire pit should be securely covered when not in use. The procedure for putting out a fire after using an outdoor fire pit is addressed here.

BeJane Offers Advice on Getting the Drab Out of the Kitchen
Kitchen remodeling can be the first thing on your mind when moving into an older home. Those old formica cabinets may have been a great bargaining chip when you made the offer, but know they're a chip on your shoulder. The editors at BeJane have some great ideas on freshening up your kitchen's look with some paint and sweat equity. This article includes a supply list and detailed project steps, with photo illustrations. There's even inside tips that'll make the project work when your faced with less than ideal conditions.

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