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Starting Rug-Collecting
Here are some articles of interest for those with an interest in collecting antique and semi-antique rugs and tribal weavings. Some current topics in the index are is the auction a good place to buy a rug, is the Internet auction a gold mine or fool's gold, what's wrong with the buyer's premium, a collector's perspective on synthetic dyes, an introduction to rugs and repairs, how much is too much restoration, and an organized approach for the new collector.

The History of Oriental and Persian Rugs
Collectors often justify their Oriental and Persian rug obsession by explaining their desire to own a small piece of the rich history and beauty behind this art. You can learn more about how the art came to be in this article, which says that rug weaving is a tradition spanning centuries over a number of cultures. There are many references to the art of weaving found in ancient scriptures and classical writing. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that proves these references were to pile carpets and not simply to flat weaves (Kilims).

ARTS: Antique Rug and Textile Show
ARTS is an annual show put organized by the Antique Rug & Textile Art Association (ARTAA). ARTS is the premiere rug and textile event of the year as the place where all the renowned collectors from across the world gather. But anyone is encourage to join who has an interested in antique textile art or a curiosity about design, traditional cultures, unique hand-made ethnographic art, or a sensitivity or empathy for color and texture. Each show typically features fascinating exhibitions, and public events including tours and seminars.

Textile Society of America
This Web site brings rug making and collecting home to the United States. The society provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about textiles worldwide, from artistic, cultural, economic, historic, political, social, and technical perspectives. It was created in 1987, and is run by a Board of Directors from museums and universities in North America. Its 500 members worldwide include museum curators, teachers, historians, artists, students, dealers, and collectors. The Web site is useful because it keeps track of textile and rug collecting events across the U.S.

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