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Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs
Take a look at Turkish rug designs with this informative article. In it, author Gerard Paquin says that some of the mystery and appeal of the Oriental carpet for collectors and scholars is its ability to incorporate designs from a wide range of sources. But when you look into the origins of designs, it should give us a better understanding of the economic and artistic contexts in which a rug is woven.

CarpetEncyclopedia - the CarpetVista Encyclopedia
This is an excellent information site that will especially be appreciated by people just stepping into the world of handmade carpets. It's been awarded with the Britannica Internet Guide Selection due to its correct content. The site has a section on the history of carpet making, which was probably developed on the plains of Central Asia. You can learn about the categories of Oriental carpets (nomadic carpets, village carpets and workshop carpets) depending on where they are made. There is information on styles and origin of carpets, which include Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Baluchi, Turkmenistan, Caucasian, Indo, Tibetan, Turkish, Chinese, East Turkestan, European and North African. There is a section on the manufacturing process of a handmade carpet as well as a glossary. The site also provides information on making a carpet purchasing and carpet maintenance.

Turkmen Trappings
This provides a history and overview of Turkmen weavings. Around 1875, the Czarist Russian government finally succeeded in conquering the various groups, known collectively as the Turkmen confederation, who fiercely resisted all efforts to remove them from the area of southwest Russia. The war had lasted for several decades and the Turkmen, like the native Indians of the American southwest, were able to remain victorious against superior military technology and numbers. When the Russian government allocated tremendously increased resources and manpower (like the government of the United States did against the American Indians) they succeeded. Territorial imperatives were satisfied - at the expense of the total destruction the Turkmen (and as was the case in America, the American Indian) lifestyle, traditions and culture. More information includes photos of Turkmen rugs.


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