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Huge List of Must-Do Electrical Safety Tips
Misuse of electricity can pose risk of fire and electrocution, and this lengthy article at LoveToKnow.com has tons of useful tips that you should always follow. The first part talks about the safety measures when using home appliances such as heaters, TV, and computer. The second part is how to be careful when handling power cords and what you should not do with them. The third part contains tips on proper use of electrical outlet, such as installation of ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in potentially dangerous areas such as kitchen. The fourth part is about safety measures when it comes to light bulbs. There are also strict advices on dealing with outdoor power lines.

Standards for Security Gate Construction Discussed in this Online Forum
Read the comments posted here or join in the discussion about how safety gates are built. Whether you are interested in having a security gate installed or are merely curious, you will find it interesting reading.

Safety and Crime Prevention Tips from the Metropolitan Police Department
This page at MPDC.dc.gov contains a comprehensive list of tips on how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, some important precautions to ensure your physical safety, prevent domestic violence, and how to protect yourself as a consumer. This include safety measures when using ATM, how to avoid being a fraud victim, as well as campus and road safety. There is also a separate article for nightlife establishment owners and managers on how they can protect their businesses from illegal drug sales and use, sex offenders and prostitution, and others. You can also download or print some brochures (in PDF form) that contain various security tips.

Outdoor Firepit and Chimenea Safety from This Old House
If you are going to enjoy a backyard fire pit or a chiminea, be sure that you take proper precautions to ensure your safety, as well as that of your family and friends. Proper placement is one of the keys to staying safe, and you will also find out why you should have water or sand handy. A fire extinguisher should also be kept nearby, as well as a cell phone in case the fire spreads.

Homeowners Can Trust Safety Tips from National Safety Council
The experts at the National Safety Council offer a number of home safety tips for the public. Check out the web site to get helpful information on fire safety, how to avoid poisoning hazards and steps you can take to avoid falls. Babies, toddlers and seniors have different needs when it comes to safety, and these are addressed in the articles posted here as well. Find out what you need to know about water safety and how to get prepared for a disaster. Room-by-room safety guides and seasonal safety information is also posted here. The navigation of the site is divided into separate sections for parents, educators, media and safety professionals. Categories include safety basics, how you can help, in your area, our work and who we are.

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