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The tagline of fPositiveHealthOnline is Integrated Medicine for the 21st Century and the site is all about alternative and complementary health solutions. It covers every kind of related topic imaginable, but check out the Articles page and you can brows articles by topics. Relevant food and drink topics include antioxidants, colon health, detoxification, essential fatty acids, food, nutrition, organic food, vegetarianism, and weight loss, The food articles cover topics like food and emotions/mood, the alchemy of cooking, and the Slow Food movement.

How Healthy Is Your Diet?
You want to eat healthy, but how do you know how your eating habits are compared to what they should be? This web site features tools so you can assess your diet. The new U.S. healthy eating pyramid is also featured, with information explaining the chance to the healthy model for eating used today. You can analyze the nutrient composition of your diet, look at recipes and analyze the nutrition content of the recipes you cook for healthier eating options.

Guide to Nutritional and Herbal Remedies
This section on the Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center website is an A to Z organized guide of nutritional and herbal remedies. The entries vary, but generally they explain the benefits and sometimes some interesting historical of factual information. For iron, for example, it is mentioned that in North American 58% fo the poipular consume less than the recommended daily amount of iron. Or for bilberry, the entry says that British Royal Air Force pilots during World War II ate bilberry preserves before night missions because it improved their night vision.

Helping Your Children Eat Healthy
With all the talk in the media about child obesity, it's important for parents to evaluate what their children are eating and make healthy eating easier for them. This web site discusses having regular family meals, serving healthy foods and snacks, being a role model by eating healthy food, avoiding battles over food and letting your children make healthy eating choices. Important is to work in protein, fruits and vegetables while limiting fat intake. The web site strongly advocates drinking milk, ingesting calcium-fortified orange juice, eating cheese and yogurt, as well as white beans.


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