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Overview of Noni Juice Origins and Benefits
This web site gives a brief history of noni, including how inhabitants of the Polynesian islands used the noni tree for food, medicine and dye. It goes into how other cultures used the noni plant. Today, noni is available as a health drink, and also in powder, capsule and soap forms. This web site claims that noni fruit can be a valuable health supplement used in conjunction with modern medicine.

Diet Plans Online and More Health News has turned from a simple diet plan site to a hub for healthy eating information. The site features a recipe club, community where you can talk to others who eat healthy. There are free resources and tools to help you lose weight, including workout routines and diet plans customized to meet your weight loss goals. Get advice from the experts, and information on overall family nutrition. Ediets even has a magazine so you can stay up to date with the latest in healthy eating news.

Teen Dieting: The Deal with Diet?
This article, geared towards teens, says that commercial weight-loss plans typically fall into two categories: Those that drastically reduce a person's calorie intake or restrict the dieter to certain foods and those that require a person to take diet supplements. Dietary supplements are usually pills, but they sometimes include special food bars or drinks. It includes information about popular diets and offers a list of diets to avoid, which include those that: focus on quick weight loss, use laxatives or water pills, encourage wearing a skin patch, or ask teens to skip meals. But best way to lose weight, if argues, is to improve eating habits and exercise, rather than any diet.

Noni Juice and Breast Cancer
If you have breast cancer or are undergoing chemotherapy, this discussion forum provides information about using noni juice to treat cancer. An article posted says patients should consult their doctors, but they may not know a lot about noni. Looking at web sites where you can buy noni online is helpful, and doing some research on noni side effects can help anyone afflicted with breast cancer determine if they want to try noni juice.


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